The History of PSP Timber Industries (Pty) Ltd

Mr Sias van Greunen

Mr. Sias van Greunen saw an opportunity and together with his nephew Mr. Pieter van Greunen bought equal shares into the company with Mr. Paul Terblanche with the aim of acting as silent partners. The name of PSP Timbers was then originated with the first letter of each shareholders name as the name of the business during 1995.

The business was quite small and the marketing field limited to local customers only. The personnel consisted out of a total of 25 members and it soon built a reputation of supplying quality creosote agricultural poles. Never was it at any time visualized that the small business with a processing plant size of almost 2500m2, could be transformed into an almost 8ha industry within a short period of only 9 years.

Mr. van Greunen soon saw the growth potential of PSP Timbers and bought 100% shares to become the sole owner and Managing Director during 1997. Mr. van Greunen's, previous experience being a successful Insurance broker and financial advisor by profession, soon led him to take the field and market quality products within the bigger part of the Western cape. Soon enough PSP Timbers was on the role and another treatment plant was made part of the production line to maintain the ongoing diversity, which the company is well known for.

Me Lizél de Waal

Me Lizél de Waal is Mr. van Greunen's daughter and with a law degree as attorney, fulfill one of many roles primarily as legal advisor for the company. As Director of PSP Timbers she keeps a close eye on all financial aspects of the family business.

Mr Constant de Waal

Mr. Constant de Waal being a successful farmer by profession is the Managing Director of PSP Timbers and the loving son-in-law. With the qualifications of a Degree in Commerce he maintains the diplomatic relations and liaison between all external parties.

Mr Nico van der Merwe

Mr. Nico van der Merwe is the General/Operational Manager and nephew within the family. After serving as a professional soldier for 11 years, he joined PSP Timbers to manage all aspects of the workforce at the processing plant in Oudtshoorn.

The PSP Timbers management team all had exceptional experience in some or the other field except for the timber industry. As successful people in life, they soon realized their abilities and changed this shortcoming into the diversion PSP is known for and used this to their advantage. Their urge to manage, commit and meet the challenge led to PSP Timbers being a successful force to be reckoned with. Today we are proud to be the one company in South Africa to dominate the market within the agricultural field but also to dominate as the number one supplier to all other brand names within the western cape and other remote countries outside the borders of South Africa. Every single woman and man part of the loyal staff of PSP Timbers are experts in their own field, that without them, PSP would not have been as successful as present.

Having been in the timber industry since 1994, we are proud to offer our clients a wide variety of products with exceptional quality and service. The plant in Oudtshoorn consists out of the following different functions:

- CCA (Tanalith) treatment plant.
- Creosote treatment plant.
- Boron treatment plant.
- Raw timber processing yard.
- Fully equipped sawmill.
- Profiler machine.
- Cylindrical rounding -and debarking machines.

The following are only some of the treated or untreated products PSP can offer their clients:

- Cylindrical Poles.
- Agricultural Poles.
- Profiled timber.
- Garden furniture and decorative products.
- Pallets.
- Fruit Bins.

As previously mentioned PSP Timbers started off as a very small business and over the last 22 years developed into a huge industry. Today we are pleased to have 150 permanent staff and almost 350 contractors working 12 hour shifts.

We are the proud Pole Supplying People providing you the customer with a relationship of loyal, friendly and honest support in what ever need you might have. We are always ready for your request and will walk the extra mile not as an extra effort but by the code we support you.

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  38x38 692M
  38x52 506M
  38x76 346M
  38x114 231M
  38x152 173M
  38x228 115M
  52x76 253M
  52x114 168M
  52x152 127M
  52x228 84M
  76x102 129M
  76x114 115M
  76x152 87M
  76x228 58M
  102x102 96M
  19x76 692M
  19x102 516M
  19x114 461M
  19x152 346M
  25x76 526M
  25x102 392M
  25x114 351M
  25x152 263M
  25x228 175M


65MM 1282M


100MM 833M


65MM 1282M


100MM 833M


89MM 511M
  100MM 454M


89MM 511M


100MM 454M


44X10 2500M


44X10 2500M


102MM 392M


30X100 333M


30X100 333M


22X90 505M


22X100 454M


22X75 606M

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